so what’s everyone’s thoughts on the ‘Someone Like You’ music video? 

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  1. lezb3happy answered: P E R F E C T <3
  2. bigbootyjeudy answered: I love it, of course.
  3. wakemeupwhenitsalldone answered: Fantastic(:
  4. greenimprobablefields answered: i think it’s gorgeous. truly showcases the most important thing - adele’s magnificent voice. and she looks frickin’ beautiful, too
  5. asthenicly answered: do you have the audio for someone like you?
  6. descouleurs answered: boring
  7. solanddante answered: Loved it, simple but beautiful.
  8. j93ffrey answered: I MISS THE CHAIR!
  9. exspecta answered: I loved “Someone like you’ music video!
  10. ithinkwehavetowalk answered: i’ll be honest, i was expecting a little more from the video.. but i’ve come to realize that its simplicity is what makes it flawless.
  11. patiencesolveseverything answered: i think is amazing..the lyrics means alot..i mean every of her song is very close to my heart.. well done adele!
  12. boranzohn answered: I love that the video reflects the song’s simplicity and melancholy. :)
  13. blahblahblahification answered: at least she isnt sitting down
  14. moosegirlmaria answered: ADELICIOUS!!!!!!!
  15. chrisfiiine answered: I loved it, though the shots of the camera spinning made me kind of dizzy, but I think it worked well. favorite vid so far. better than RITD
  16. slvhendryanti answered: cool
  17. hellajerica answered: i loved it! adele is amazing <3
  18. nymphabulous answered: the greatest ever…..
  19. cocorizzo answered: Love it-I really love her live versions of the song so hearing the album version kind of threw me-I think she should do a video to live trk
  20. cingcongloco answered: STUNNING . definitely .
  21. mittneyspears answered: As much as i love adele, the vid is dry.
  22. garciasebastian answered: I was expecting a lot more. It doesn’t even look like she’s attempting to coordinate her lip movement with the sound. I was very dissapointed
  23. adele-pride answered: it is the most amazing video that has ever placed presence on this universe.
  24. escaping-departures answered: lovee :D
  25. brolin-pendragonlord answered: emotional. brilliant yet understated. the greatness that we have come to expect from The Queen, Adele.
  26. do-thebadthing answered: it just makes me cry. she’s wonderful, and her feelings… i can feel it too. this video, just glorious
  27. msqueenofrandom answered: Adele = Awesome and GORJ. as usual! x) … the only thing was, her lip syncing wasnt as good in this video =P..
  28. justchriscook answered: whats the link to it
  29. iinmyyliife answered: meh. i dont care for music videos, anyway. she definitely makes music for ears, not eyes. she looked beautiful, flawless, though!
  30. flickermansalad answered: I hated it, it was pretty boring. I mean, I understand it’s a slow song but there was no emotion in Adele’s face
  31. translucent-tucker answered: Better than the “Rolling in the Deep” music video!
  32. shadowzplay answered: Its disappointing and pathetic; good song, horrible video
  33. fcukenbangerz answered: love itttt
  34. dyingtobedifferent answered: I get the fact that Adele likes to keeps her videos simple & she did look absolutely gorgeous, but I expected so much more.
  35. iamsilentlyspeaking answered: It’s just… AWESOME.
  36. a-roseforthedead answered: My favorite song, I love Adele, the best singer in the world! She sings with feeling, and this song reminds me of a person …
  37. sammysayalot answered: I can’t think of a better concept, it’s perfect.
  38. reetac answered: LOVED it!! So simple but so beautiful!
  39. m3aningless answered: Gorgeous!
  40. liveandalone answered: its simple and awesome
  41. castrationqueen answered: I love it!
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