What do you think of the glee rumour has it/someone like you mash-up? 

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  7. drunkonconsonance answered: It was awesome incorporation. nice arrangement. The whole studio version was so much better. They shouldnt have cut it short for the show.
  8. fidradra answered: brilliiaaant
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  10. misplaced-fantasy answered: LOVE IT!!
  11. genebelchers answered: I liked it :D
  12. figmentof answered: I’m not a fan. That being said I rarely like any covers/renditions of Adele and I hate Glee with an unexplainable passion.
  13. hintoflight answered: a-fucking-mazing
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  15. tavs answered: AMAZING
  16. thinewordnerd answered: I was really, really impressed. It’s really fun.
  17. lesleylouiise answered: Loveditloveditlovedit.
  18. newstateofmind answered: LOVE!
  19. carrielovett answered: I dreamed about Naya Rivera sang ‘SLY’ And my dream come true!:) when it comes to mashup, it was wonderfully done in my opinion! <3
  20. pitanambu answered: I’m not a Glee fan I think it was pretty good! loved the mix of both songs and the costume’s choice! thumbs up!
  21. niallshappytrail answered: awesomeeeee it gave me chillss.
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  23. nathalie-emmanuel answered: fan fucking tastic!!!!!
  24. verborragiasilenciosa answered: I really like it! ;D
  25. thankwikipedia answered: I think that is the cutest gif of all time. :D
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  27. livinglifecreatively answered: absolutely fabulous!
  28. maiagaru answered: Glee just takes the songs we love and kills them. And then all kids go and say: “Hey! I know that song! I heard it on Glee!” #Vomit
  29. gleena answered: It actually wasn’t bad, but still nothing compared to Adele.
  30. waiting4snowfall answered: it’s not bad, kinda catchy really… but i expected them to not mash it up, and have Santana perform ‘Someone Like You’..
  31. peanutbutterm-ms answered: I haven’t been watching the show this season, but they used the best singers on the songs. Naya and Amber are flawless. they understand Adele
  32. beybad answered: totally prepared to hate it (a part of me hates all adele covers) but I LOVE IT!!!!
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  34. howellatme answered: I can’t waaaaaaaaaaait!
  35. larvitaxofgotham answered: It’s going to be GREAT! =D
  36. jimmiethegentlewoman answered: I don’t like Glee at all, but considering none of the are Adele, they did a great job with it.
  37. easycheesecharlie answered: meh
  38. damebello answered: I did not like it. Glee should be banned from covering adele and that is from a glee fan. The mash up did not work.
  39. imlossst answered: I do not know why, but one version would be amazing for someone like you with glee
  40. dreamingcontinuously answered: SOO good :’)
  41. fuckyeahjackmulligan answered: Geez Glee, thank you for sucking the soul out of two amazing songs and turning them into plastified crap.
  42. boranzohn answered: When I first heard they’re doing this mash up I was very skeptical; glad they didn’t disappoint :)
  43. pawlmart answered: This is one of the few Adele covers that isn’t terrible. I still prefer the original but yeah lol